Other Incentives to Join the Army ROTC Program

Recognizing the importance of attracting the most talented young men and women possible to its ranks, the Army ROTC program has been empowered to offer additional monetary incentives. These incentives will ensure that top quality scholar-athlete-leaders continue to enter the Army ROTC program and ultimately become Army Officers. These are some of the financial incentives currently in place:

  • Leader's Training Course Incentive
  • Critical Language Incentive Pay
    • The Critical Language Incentive Pay program was established in 2008 to encourage Cadets to enroll in a language course considered critical by the Secretary of the Army. Cadets may earn up to $250 a month for participating in the program.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program
    • Debt can easily distract an individual from focusing on their academic studies. Today's leaders need to be fully focused on and engaged in the task at hand. Army ROTC offers the Tuition Reimbursement Program for those Cadets who come to the program with student loans. The goal is to help ensure Cadets are not encumbered with excessive debt or distracted from their duties because of debt.
  • The Lateral Entry Program
    • Although the Army ROTC program is designed to be a four-year college experience, students may complete all requirements within a two year period—through participation in a summer training session called the Leader's Training Course (LTC). This is four-week program conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky and places its emphasis on intensive classroom instruction and field training. It presents an excellent opportunity for those who have already completed two years of college to get accelerated placement into the Army ROTC program and become Army lieutenants upon graduation from college.