Army Branches

Upon becoming lieutenants, graduates of the Army ROTC program are selected to serve in one of the more than twenty Officer career fields. They take up their duties armed with the superb leadership and managerial skills athat have long been the hallmark of the Army ROTC program. From the day they arrive at their first unit of assignment, they shoulder responsibilities that far exceed those routinely entrusted to those in the civilian sector of similar age.

This is a synopsis of each of the Officer career fields in which Army ROTC graduates may be found. Not all of these specialties are immediately available to those entering the Army through the ROTC program.

Adjutant General Corps

Air Defense Artillery



Corps of Engineers


Field Artillery


Special Forces


Civil Affairs

Judge Advocate General Corps

Military Intelligence

Military Police

Signal Corps

Chaplain Corps

Dental Corps

Finance Corps

Medical Corps

Medical Service Corps

Army Nurse Corps

Ordnance Corps

Quartermaster Corps

Transportation Corps

Veterinary Corps