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Futuristic flight technology gives vertical lift researchers a boost

Army News - 21 hours 17 min ago
The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) introduced an innovative Blackhawk helicopter simulator at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 17 at Fort Rucker, Ala. The Cockpit Academics Procedural Tool--Enhanced Visual Capable System --or, CAPT-E-VCS for short-- is a reconfigurable research platform that allows for swift, mission-responsive research in support of the Army's Future Vertical Lift and modernization priority. These priorities are part of the Army's focus on multi-domain operations to counter and defeat near-peer advisories in all domains.

ARCYBER: Soldiers should safeguard against suspicious tweets

Army News - Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:00am
The tweets surface innocently in Twitter feeds, often passing as legit news or normal social media posts.

'Hero of Cologne' receives bronze star during surprise ceremony

Army News - Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:00am
One of the most celebrated World War II tank gunners received the bronze star Wednesday, during a surprise award ceremony 74-years in the making. Clarence Smoyer, 96-year-old former 3rd Armored Division tank gunner, never bragged about the five tanks he destroyed in the war, including an infamous Nazi tank he leveled during a dramatic duel in war-torn Cologne, Germany.

Meet the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence

Army News - Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:00am
The Army's medical training and education institution widely known as "AMEDD Center and School" officially changed their name to "U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence," or MEDCoE, effective Sunday, September 15, 2019.

New data strategy combats modern threats, says Army's G-6

Army News - Tue, 09/17/2019 - 12:00am
The Army's chief information officer rolled out a revised, holistic approach for data assets Monday, along with cyber's role within the new era of great-power competition.

Army to achieve recruiting goal after overhauling outreach

Army News - Tue, 09/17/2019 - 12:00am
The Army will achieve its fiscal year 2019 recruiting goal, exceeding the new Soldier target of 68,000 before the year's end, senior leaders announced Tuesday. Leaders credited the Army's overhauled recruiting and outreach efforts, to include Army Recruiting Command's initiative to increase presence in 22 U.S. metropolitan areas. The Army observed a 15 percent average increase in enlistments in these 22 cities, to include a rise in female and minority recruits.

U.S. Army achieves recruiting goals

Army News - Tue, 09/17/2019 - 12:00am
The Department of the Army announced today that it will achieve its recruiting goals for Fiscal Year 2019.

Cyber teams deploying to safeguard national security

Army News - Tue, 09/17/2019 - 12:00am
During the midterm elections last year, U.S. Cyber Command had three teams deployed forward in Europe working with partner nations to "hunt and track" adversaries attempting to disrupt U.S. democratic processes, its commander said Monday.

Steelers honor World War II veteran brothers at home opener

Army News - Tue, 09/17/2019 - 12:00am
Two brothers who served in the Army during World War II were honored during the home opener for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks with the ATI Salute to Heroes Award.

Soldier Lethality team delivers big win for AFC

Army News - Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:00am
When the Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team delivers the first Enhanced Night Vision Goggles - Binolcular to Fort Riley later this month it will herald a big success for the new Army Futures Command.

War vets take flight to DC, honored by CSA

Army News - Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:00am
About 25 veterans from WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars took off to Washington D.C. over the weekend, with Honor Flight Savannah -- a non-profit organization giving veterans a chance to see the nation's capital. They were welcomed by Gen. James McConville, chief of staff of the Army.

Army research looks at pearls to enhance lightweight armor

Army News - Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:00am
Round, smooth and iridescent, pearls are among the world's most exquisite jewels; now, these gems are inspiring a U.S. Army research project to improve military armor.

Soldiers test new combat-focused marksmanship qualification

Army News - Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:00am
Similar to the implementation of the new ACFT, the Army is now changing how Soldiers qualify with their weapons, making individual weapons qualification more combat focused beginning October 2019. Soldiers across the 25th Infantry Division with varying skill levels prepared for the new marksmanship standards by conducting a pilot program to assess current installation support capabilities at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

'Chaos' Soldiers shake the ground during Saber Junction 19

Army News - Sun, 09/15/2019 - 12:00am
"Fast" and "Precise" are the best ways to describe Chaos Soldiers as they worked as a team to let loose massive ground pounding M777 howitzer rounds from four cannons, during a live-fire exercise as part of Saber Junction 19 (SJ19), at the 7th Army Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany on Sept. 11, 2019.

Army Secretary Nominee Talks Housing, Readiness at Hearing

Army News - Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:00am
The Senate Armed Services Committee quizzed Acting Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy on military housing problems, force readiness, sexual assault and modernization during his confirmation hearing for secretary of the Army.

Reserve, National Guard have key role with rest of Army in winning wars, general says

Army News - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 12:00am
FORT BENNING, Ga. -- A battle-ready National Guard and Reserve are crucial to the nation's ability to fight and win wars, and the Army is working to keep those forces well-honed and ready to deploy with their active-duty counterparts, a senior military officer said here Sept. 12.

Former Army ranger testifies at confirmation hearing for Army secretary

Army News - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 12:00am
A day after the 18th anniversary of 9/11, Acting Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy reflected on that fateful morning during his Senate confirmation hearing for the Army's highest position.

'Cancer saved my life': A Soldier's journey toward recovery.

Army News - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 12:00am
Capt. Lori Templeton -- a single mother, former educator, and Army officer currently serving as the the commander of 340th Brigade Support Battalion Headquarters Service Company/1st detachment with the California National Guard -- chose to look beyond her cancer prognosis. After being diagnosed with stage three cancer in 2016, she was forced to step back and find the balance that she so desperately needed in life.

Avoid GI issues 'cramping' your running style with these Army public health expert tips

Army News - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 12:00am
It may not make for polite conversation, but most runners at one time or another have dealt with unpleasant intestinal rumblings, sometimes called runner's stomach, or faced other gastrointestinal running emergencies while running recreationally or competitively. The Army Public Health Center's resident nutrition experts offer a few strategies to help runners avoid unfortunate GI issues.

Cyber program graduate discusses fast-track to becoming an officer

Army News - Thu, 09/12/2019 - 12:00am
Since late 2017, the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program has allowed talented civilians a fast track to becoming an officer, attracting qualified civilian programmers, software engineers, developers, and data scientists to help the Army develop and execute programs and equipment to support its operations in cyberspace.